Your Guide to Water Softener Prices

Water softeners are a blessing to both you and your home. When hard water strikes, it wreaks havoc with both you and your home. Its abrasiveness prevents your home laundering system from cleaning your clothes properly, leaving them dingy and gray.

Your dishes suffer from unsightly residue and water spots. Hard water even has negative effects on you; it doesn’t rinse as well as soft water, leaving your hair dull and unmanageable, and may result in skin blemishes.

If you experience one or more of these issues, chances are you are in the market for a water softening system. There are many available, all for various prices. You must shop for the best water softener price for the product you are purchasing; not every deal is a deal.

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The Cost of Various Water Softeners

The price of the water softener may depend on what kind of system you wanted to install. You can find one that will suit your need and your budget.

1. Potassium Chloride Water Softener

Potassium chloride water softeners are just as effective as the average water softener, they simply use potassium chloride pellets rather than salt to soften your hard water. This actually provides extra benefits for you, as your body needs potassium to maintain an optimal state of well-being. Three of the most popular brands are Morton, Culligan and Pelican. Morton offers a potassium chloride water softener for any size home, and the average water softener price is $641 dollars.

Now while Culligan is an extremely reputable company, there prices for one of these systems range between $2300 and $3100 dollars. As you can see, this is quite a difference, however, the quality may be worth the amount. They also offer a payment plan when you place a small down payment.

2. Saltless Water Softening Systems

Similar to potassium chloride water softeners, salt-free softeners contain no salt. The system works by changing the structure of the minerals in your hard water, making it soft and safe for you to use and drink. This is a perfect system for those with health conditions that salt in traditional water softening systems may adversely effect.

One of the more popular salt-free systems is produced by Nelson Corporation, and sells for $899 dollars. Crystal Quest is a product made by one of the most revered companies in the water softening world, and its quality is like no other. However, so is its price–$1699 dollars. Do not let this scare you, though. You do get what you pay for. It simply depends on your needs and the severity of your problem.

3. Shower Head Water Softeners

A shower head water softener may be for you if your hard water problem is minimal, and you simply want to remove the chemicals and chlorine from your bathroom. It prevents the buildup of minerals in your showerhead, not to mention the damage to your skin and hair. They are easy to install and relatively inexpensive.

Culligan has a model that costs approximately $30, while you can expect to pay, on average, $70 for the model by Aquasana. Keep in mind the replacement cartridges are separate, and the price ranges from $12 to $40 dollars.

Ridding your home of hard water is a necessity for all the damage it causes. However, it is not necessary to pay an outrageous amount of money for the softening systems capable of transforming your water. Always shop around and compare different water softener prices before jumping into a sale with both feet.