Best Water Softeners Consumer Reports

If you have hard water, a water softener can help immensely, but knowing what water softener to choose can be difficult; this is where water softener reviews come into play. Hard water causes extreme damage not only to your household appliances, limiting their lifespan, but can also lower the lifespan of your clothing by up to 40 percent.

This doesn’t even count what it does to you when showering. The minerals and impurities in hard water can easily result in skin rashes and damage to your hair. It is almost like washing yourself with a rock.

You can prevent all of this, though, by purchasing and installing a water softening system for your home. But what system is right for you? The answer to this very important question lies in the water conditioner reviews and consumer reports of the multiple companies who offer these products to you.\

Best Water Softeners Consumer

Significance of Water Softener Reviews

Water conditioner reviews offer valuable information for you, the consumer. Some are geared toward one specific brand such as GE, Autotrol or Nuvo water softeners. These are among the most popular brands on the market today. Other water softening reviews give you general information about the importance of installing a system in your home, how it can save you money on your energy bill and prolonging the life of your appliances.

Regardless of the point each review is geared toward, they have one major point in common: providing you with as much information as possible to make the most educated decision. They generally provide product details, ratings for particular systems and the benefits of owning a water softening system. Pricing is a major concern when choosing the right system for you, therefore you must look at the best water softener reviews for the system you are considering.

Although the sites of the particular brand you are considering offers you information about the water softening system itself, you generally have to call the company itself for pricing. You can avoid doing this by researching online for prices. This helps you avoid the sales pitch you are sure to get if you were to contact the company directly.

Choosing Your Water Softening System

Aside from reading the many water softener reviews available on the internet, there are consumer reports for you to examine. Consumer reports come from real people who have purchased and usedWater Softening Systems.

If they experienced specific problems with a particular brand, had issues with customer service or did not receive the warranty they were promised, you know to stay away from that company. Just because a company–even a reputable company–makes a promise, it doesn’t always mean they will adhere to it.

Another factor you want to take into consideration when reading the water softener reviews is ease of installaton. You do not want to purchase a system that is difficult to install in your home. This can result in disaster, making your purchase all for nought.

Some choose to purchase a whole house water filtration system. This is a step above a water softening system because it runs through every faucet and pipe in your home. Some are even equipped to cleanse your garden and sprinkler systems outside.

When reading the reviews for the these systems, you need to make sure these systems can be used both inside and out, if this is what you are looking for. Not all whole house filtration systems are able to accomodate this need.

When reading a water softening system review, make sure the brand you are considering has undergone independent testing to ensure it is effective for removing the impurities it claims to remove. Again, this comes back to promises and false claims.

Although most homes with hard water does not pose a health threat, some impurities contain carcinogens. This can increase your family’s risk of developing multiple types of cancer when drinking the water from your tap. This is perhaps the most important piece of information to look for when reading a water softener review. The testing should be performed by the Water Qualification Association or National Sanitation Foundation.

Best Brands of Water Softening Systems

One of the best water softening systems you can purchase is Culligan. Culligan has more than 75 years in water treatment, and offers more than seven types of water conditioners. In the water softener reviews, though, Culligan was cheaper than other companies–$2,352 versus $3,950 for Kinetico. However, the review also stated that Culligan charges more for house calls to change filters, which you cannot purchase or change yourself.

Best Brands of Water Softening Systems

Morton, another popular company, offers three different types of water conditioners. One is for any size household, the other is for medium to large households and the last is for small households. This allows you to choose the best softener for your needs. In water softner reviews, Morton appears to win hands down, with numerous customers being extremely pleased with both the cost and efficacy of these systems.

Additionally, Morton offers both sodium chloride pellets and potassium chloride pellets, which many customers prefer. Potassium is a mineral your body needs, and when used in a water softener, is as alt-free solution as compared to the sodium chloride pellets.

Fleck water softener is yet another option for those looking into a water softening system. Its water softener reviews were all positive, with customers pleased with the fast arrival of the product, its efficacy, the price (under $1,000) and customer service. Customers even compared Fleck to Culligan, extremely pleased to have switched companies.

The choice to purchase a water softening system is a bigger decision than you may think it is. Not only does it prevent the build up of limescale in your pipes, prevent damage to you, save you money on laundry and dish detergent and save you up to 40 percent on your energy bills, it can prevent dangerous health complications in the future.

You want to ensure you purchase the most effective–and cost effective–water system possible. There is only one way to accomplish this: reading and paying close attention to both consumer reports andwater softner reviews.