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If you go by the definition, then both the Salt based and the Salt-Free Water Softeners are pretty easy on the understanding. Salt-based softeners make use of salt, whereas the Salt-free as the name goes is totally free of salts. Which one is better than the other? This confusion has been there for the longest time now, and we don’t see people settling on a fixed answer.

Salt Based vs Salt Free Water Softener

Salt-Based v/s Salt-Free Water Softener

Water Softener softens the water by removing out the hard minerals like Calcium and Magnesium from the water. These hard minerals are taken out using the special ionization process with the use of the salts. Salts, that is chemically known by the name NaCl acts as the main catalyst for the softening. As the salt is passed through the water, sodium ions get replaced by the Calcium and the Magnesium.

In between this, you will need the resins that bonds the divalent Ca stronger than that of the monovalent Na ion. In this way, you will be left with lots of sodium ions in the treated water, and the calcium-magnesium salts will be found in the waste which is thrown out towards the sewage system.

If you are going to purchase a softener, then you should know Salt-based vs Salt-free water softener working and how it’s different from each other.

Salt-free SystemsWhat about the Salt-free systems? How do they work? 

So, there are no salts here which can perform the ion-exchange process. Then what’s happening in here? The salt-free systems do not remove the hard minerals but instead, they reduce its quality of adhering to the surfaces. Most of us come to know about the hard minerals only when we start to notice the white layering on the utensils, scale buildup on the plumbing or the fading of the clothes.

Coming to the Sodium and Magnesium, they are not harmful to the human body. Even if these hard minerals are retained in the water, it won’t cause any trouble to you. This concept led to the invention of the salt-free system, which does not remove the minerals but alters the adherence properties of it.

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