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Time clock water softeners are different from metered water softeners, as they regenerate on a calendar basis.  They do not measure water consumption, and only regenerate on the day-of-the-week as set by the user.  An electrical motor automatically initiates the regeneration process as the time setting is reached. These water softener systems can be purchased online by visiting […]

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Different types of water filtration

Water filtration is the water purification process to remove unwanted solids, microorganisms, gases and chemicals. The water passes through a medium that retains solids and allows water to pass through. It is important that you get a clean and purified water to prevent waterborne diseases. There are different types of water filtration. These include: ion […]

Water Softener

Milwaukee Water Softener

Welcome to MilwaukeeWaterSoftener.com Welcome to MilwaukeeWaterSoftener.com, your central information source for water softeners in Milwaukee. We wish to provide you information on types of water softeners, and reasons to consider water softeners in Milwaukee. MilwaukeeWaterSoftener.com wants you to be happy with your choice of systems, and equally happy with the company that you use to […]

Water Softener


These are single resin tank water softeners, with a separate brine/salt tank. Microprocessor based units measure your water consumption, and regenerate only as required. Sometimes referred to as a demand water softener, these softeners measure water consumption using a turbine that turns as your water is used. An electronic sensor detects the rate of turbine […]

Water Softener

Which Salt based water softener you should buy in 2014?

Salt based water softener is considered as one of the best water softening method. Though it is bit expensive than some of the other methods like salt free and reverse Osmosis in some cases but still salt based method is considered as true method to achieve soft water. As we have discussed previously that what […]

Water Softener

What is the best Reverse Osmosis System available in market in 2014?

Since we discussed in our previous articles about clean and healthy water that is mandatory for you and your family at home. We discussed best salt based water softeners in previous articles and gave you comparison of various products available in the market. The prime purpose of these water purification products is to remove unwanted […]

Water Softener

What Benefits Water Softeners Has to Offer

Hard water basically contains excess metals or minerals. Inspite of the fact that this is safe to use, there are variety of problems that are associated with the utilization of this kind of water. It is on this part where the importance of water softener steps in. Water softeners essentially remove the concentrated metals that […]

Water Softener

What Are Water Softening Systems?

Water softening systems are special units or processes that remove minerals such as magnesium, and calcium from water. Usually, water from bores contains soluble minerals such as calcium compounds, magnesium compounds, and iron compounds. Water containing such compounds is called hard water. The presence of such soluble minerals increases the boiling point of water. Major […]